Volcano (or Thatched) Barnacle

Volcano (or Thatched) Barnacles (Tetraclita rubescens)

Contributed by TPERP Tracey Jones

Volcano Barnacle

Size: 2 inches.

Diet: filter feeds on plankton (very small plants and animals that float in the water) with hand-like projections called cirri.

Predators: snails and sea stars.

Defense: seals itself inside it’s volcano-shaped home.

Fun Fact: the adults are pink to red in color but the juveniles are white.

Phylum:Arthropoda (Firm, jointed exoskeleton and jointed appendages)
Class:Crustacea (Barnacles, Beach hoppers, Shrimps, Lobsters, Crabs, etc.)
SubClass:Cirripedia (Barnacles)

Scientific name:Tetraclita rubescens


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Volcano Barnacle

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