VNC Minutes – 13 February 2016


VNC Minutes – 13 February 2016

The VNC met in the CNM lunchroom.

Attendees: Dan Wieder, Becky Wieder, Gail Geddis, Ken Glaze, Debbie Sherman, David Boyer, CJ Romines, Mark McFann, Mona Feliz, Beth Gramoy and Randal Rand

Gail called the meeting to order at 10:05 a.m. Attendees introduced themselves.

The minutes from the January 9, 2016 meeting were unavailable and will be approved at the March 12, 2016 meeting.

Committee Reports:

Whipstaff (Gail, Mike): Gail reported that the group met and reviewed various action items. They will support getting polo shirts for park interns.

Volgistics (Gail):

  • All VIPs need to log FY 2015-16 hours into Volgistics.
  • Debbie is getting up to speed on Volgistics, and both she and Gail have admin capabilities.
  • DOI is reviewing all programs that are outside its formal sanctioned ones (including Volgistics).
  • The reconciled volunteer positions still need to be put into Volgistics.
  • Mona will start compiling information about volunteers’ years of service.

Tidepool Committee (Bonnie; Dan, Becky, Pauline): Dan reported that Bonnie has tentatively scheduled a meeting on February 23, 2016 at 10:30 a.m. The committee has not met since Bonnie’s return from FLETC.

Website (Dan):

  • NPS is hoping to roll out its revamped websites for National Parks Week in April.
  • There is a link for the Flowers of Cabrillo on the CNM site.

E-Binder Reference Manual (Dan W., Dan Z., Beth, Becky, Setara): Dan W. and Beth reported that the 2016 version of the e-binder is now available for download. There is also an online version. The committee hopes to have three hardcopy versions printed: one for the VC, one for the Volunteer Station, and one for the Tidepool Trailer.

Volunteer Orientation Guide or VOG (Becky, Setara): Becky reported the VOG is now available for download. There is also an online version. And there will be hard copies available at the Volunteer Station for VIPs to borrow and return (and a copy will be placed in the Tidepool Trailer).

Military History (Ken Glaze):

  • There are a few new volunteers, which will help for opening up on the second weekends.
  • The group is searching for batteries to run the time-interval bell. Proceeds from Ken’s book, The Illustrated Fort Rosecrans, will be used for purchases.

Special Events (Debbie): See latest postings in VIP Voice (

  • Whale Watch Weekend on Feb. 20 and 21.
    • There are several activities scheduled and many opportunities to volunteer. Debbie created a schedule and has neon vests for traffic control.
    • Two LE officers will be on duty both days.
  • Centennial (Debbie):
    • Every 4th Saturday from noon to 3:00 p.m., park visitors will be invited to join our Artists-in-Residence in the military bunker located on the Bayside Trail for free art activities. All materials will be supplied. This event coincides with Open Bunker days.
    • There will be a Scout Ranger Program with a special patch for the NPS Centennial. Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts will have to amass 10 service hours to earn the patch.
    • Debbie, David and Ken will work together to develop an SOP for Artists-in-Residence to help better protect the park’s resources.

Community Outreach (Bernie): Bernie can no longer report on behalf of Community Outreach, and Gail asked if someone else can take over this role. Mona said she can do it starting in September if no one else is able.

Internships (Tavio, Keith): Debbie reported:

  • She and the interns are working on a draft document for a STEM program.
  • An intern from PLNU is preparing a document that can be used to give a 10-minute back-patio interpretive talk about the mountain ranges of San Diego.
  • She will be meeting with Keith concerning the status of park interns. Any employee who is not being paid by NPS is considered a volunteer.
  • VNC is not currently involved in the internship program but would like to be.

VIP Voice/Blog (Dan Z): Gail gave a report on behalf of Dan Z:

  • The launch of the online e-binder was a huge success with over 1,100 views and 129 visitors looking at it in the first week it was live.
  • Dan cleaned up the layout of VIP Voice to make it less cluttered and more easily read. Missing are the NPS Job Opportunities and Current Volunteer Needs icons. They didn’t have enough information to warrant keeping them on the home page. If Dan gets a job posting or an updated volunteer needs statement, he’ll just post them as regular posts going forward, so VIPs will continue to get the information as it becomes available.
  • He added a reminder below the search box to tell people that they can easily search the e-binder or VOG by doing a search.

CNMC (Randal):

  • The Valentine’s Day event was canceled.
  • There are two moonwalks scheduled as well as yoga events.
  • CNMC will sell 350 tickets for the July 4th event.
  • CNMC has adopted the Bayside and Coastal trails. They will have a quarterly maintenance schedule and will enlist Eagle scouts and volunteers to help. Randal will be meeting with Charles Schulteis to coordinate, and he’d like to have the maintenance listed in Volgistics.
  • CNMC is hoping to have a Holiday Lights event at the park in December and is hoping to pick up another fundraising event during the year.
  • Mona, Gerrie (CNMF) and Eileen will be attending the APPL Conference March 6-10.

CNMF (Mike): Dan W. reported that the Foundation is advertising its April 23rd Hops Over the Vine event.

Old Business:
    • 5-Year Plan: Becky will email Debbie the latest version of the VIP 5-Year Plan.
    • CPR Training: Mark McFann will be offering CPR certification for park staff and volunteers. Ten people can be trained at one time, and the cost is $35 per person (hopefully the cost will be covered). Staff will work with Mark to set up a schedule for one class per month.
    • Dedicated Volunteer Space: On March 3, new furniture will arrive and the old library area will be reconfigured to include a dedicated space for volunteers. It was moved and seconded that Debbie procure a 10-foot conference table for the space. The motion was unanimously approved. Debbie will need volunteers to help move items out of the way in preparation for the new furniture (all the furnishings are GSA transfers).
New Business/Announcements:
  •  Debbie will have volunteers sign new service forms at the next Volunteer Appreciation Dinner.
  • The VNC will need new officers and committee chairs at some point. Usually new officers and chairs would start in April, but we can put that off until Debbie is ready. Current officers will review the VNC charter.
  • Gail will be going to Lake Mead from March 22-24 for a Volunteer Coordinator Conference. Please contact Gail ( if you think of any questions you’d like her to ask at the conference.

Next Meeting: March 12, 2016 at 10:00 a.m. in the CNM lunchroom

Adjournment: 11:35 a.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Becky Wieder