VNC Minutes – 9 April 2016

VNC Minutes – 9 April 2016


Call to Order:  10:07 AM in the CNM lunchroom

Introduce participants:

Pauline Geisler

CJ Remines

Mark McFann

Ken Glaze

Dave Boyer

Peter Lee Tancredi

Kathy Wellbrock

Debbie Sherman

Gail Geddis

Mona Feliz

Brett Gysin

Beth Gramoy

Accept minutes from 3/12/16 meeting: Done
Committee Reports


  • Meetings are held quarterly, the last one was in March
  • Discussion topics included how to fund both CNMF and CNMC; no resolution reported
  • Also talked about an Interpretive Plan and whether to do interpretive programs for a fee; no resolution reported
  • Apparently NPS has now instituted an alcohol prohibition in parks unless an exemption is submitted well in advance of the event and approved, or if brought in by a visitor.  Interesting that at the recent APPL ( PLA: Public Lands Alliance) meeting, they talked about alcohol being permitted.  Need to follow up on confusion about the regulation.


  • Critical that VIPs log their hours as part of the park’s budget is based on the number of VIP hours reported; everyone is reminded they play a part in how much money the park gets so please log hours
  • Kathy Wellbrock is now on the Volgistics team and will help Gail and Debbie update the database to clean up the inactive names (probably anyone who has not logged hours within the last year)
  • Debbie estimates there are about 120 active and regular reportees

Tidepool Committee

  • Pauline talked about the upcoming Lot 1 and trail closure from 4/12 to 6/28.  The parking lot and first part of the trail is being made ADA compliant  (see also Bonnie’s email of 4/5/16, subject: Tidepool Lot 1 Closure – Starting Apr 12)
  • The tidepool table will be temporarily set up in Lot 2; info will be shared with TPERPs as it’s known

Park website

  • Dan sent in a report that the park’s website has been updated to reflect the NPS Centennial


  • Dan is working with Emily on printing 2 copies of the 2016 e-binder; one copy for the VC, one for the library; a copy of the 2015 version will be put in the Tidepool Trailer; Emily needs help with the funding, perhaps from CNMF or CNMC?
  • Many positive comments are being received about the new online version


  • Dan Z reported via email that there is a lot of online usage

Military History

  • Congressman Scott Peters toured the bunkers
  • Ken showed a mold that will be used to produce plaster-of-paris oozlefinches (legendary featherless bird and unofficial mascot of the Air Defense Artillery)
  • Said his book on Fort Rosecrans is still selling well, about 5-6/month

Volunteer Manager’s Report

  • VIP Appreciation dinner is tentatively set for October 14, almost a full moon.  Attendees can come at 6, catered dinner at 6:30, program at 7:30, enjoy the park until 9pm; will apply for an alcohol exemption so can serve wine
  • Two new interns in Interperp funded by CNMF
  • Scout Ranger badge program plans are being worked on
  • La Mesa Flag Day parade will be June 4; CNM will be the GRAND MARSHALL!  Debbie needs lots of participation, please sign up


Community Outreach

  • Considering adding Peter to head this up; will contact Bernie for input


  • No specific report other than what Debbie reported

VIP Voice

  • Need to encourage everyone to subscribe.  As a subscriber, one would get periodic alerts that new material has been posted, which is an important mechanism for disseminating timely information.  Non-subscribers will not see the information unill they go look at the site.


  • Need volunteers to help with 4th of July Event; banner to go up on side of admin building soon
  • Moon walks are starting this month
  • Are thinking of a Fall event to make up for not being able to do the Valentine event this year


  • Hops Over the Vines event coming up; $60 a ticket to celebrate their 60th anniversary.  Happy Anniversary CNMF!
  • See recent VIP Voice for News You Can Use on all that’s going on with the Foundation and for info on events and activities you might be interested in

Special Events

  • Look around for flyers on activities happening for National Park Week 4/16-24/16
  • Of note: “Celebrating 100 Years of Preservation, History of the National Park Service on both 4/22 and 4/24.  This is a 15 minute presentation.  During a special after hours event on 8/25 Costa Dillon will be giving a one hour version of this acclaimed presentation

Rails and Trails

  • Mark reported that the program will be starting around October between San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Luis Obispo; talks will include info on parks, missions, the coast.  Several VIPs have had the initial training.  Action Item: Mona will send the report she wrote on her initial ride with Debbie, Gail, and Mark

CPR Training

  • We can train 60 people per year; Debbie has the funding; Mark will lead; not sure what start date will be
Old Business

VIP Program 5-Year Plan

  • Debbie is working on her own 1-year Work Plan, she will work with Ken on developing a Military Work Plan, and will follow up on the requirements and status of the VIP 5-Year Plan
New Business
  • Mona reported on visiting a park off Hwy 79? and seeing their very nice volunteer space: we all thanked Debbie for setting up our own!
  • Debbie reminded us to see her for our new name badges and year designations
  • The auto-water-filling station is in and we are saving plastic bottles; check it out
  • Emily asked for help coming up with the addresses for all NPS units for a Centennial activity for visitors to send a postcard to any park they want
  • Ken said his group is putting together an in-service training for VIPs on our costal defense history in the park
  • Debbie reported that a regulation governing use of park property by partners (CNMC and CNMF) is causing confusion.  Apparently the partners are supposed to be autonomous and must provide their own equipment (e.g. tables, trash cans) for their events and cannot use the park’s even tho they might have donated that property to the park in the first place.  Concern was expressed this would make partner fund-raising events potentially non-profitable because they would have to buy and find storage for their own equipment.  It would also reduce the amount of money they make to give to the park.  More research is needed.

Next Meeting: Usually the second Saturday of the month.  Next meeting will be May 14 at 10:00am with either Debbie or Beth will lead as Gail will be gone

Respectfully submitted,

Beth Gramoy

Substitute Scribe