What Is The Volunteer Navigation Committee and Why Should You Care?

As a Cabrillo National Monument volunteer, you are asked to honor your commitment to the park and to represent the best of CNM in the park and in the community. You are lent a uniform, supplies and equipment, and are provided with training and continuing education opportunities. You also have the full support of park staff and access to park resources.

So why would you need a committee run by volunteers—isn’t that just one more thing to add to your already full to-do list, and yet another meeting to attend? The Volunteer Navigation Committee (VNC) is so much more than just another committee and another meeting. The group provides volunteers with a voice in the decision-making processes related to the VIP program at CNM. It also helps define, describe, and archive all the information related to volunteer opportunities at CNM and provides it to the National Park Service (NPS) staff and San Diego community.

The VNC was originally created to help rangers during transition periods when staff turnover at the park was high. The group provided continuity by helping to define all VIP opportunities and the training required for those positions. The committee also provided support for both volunteers and staff to contribute to the development and success of the VIP program, including community outreach and collaboration with CNM organizations and partners.

The VNC gives you a voice in park decisions that affect you as a VIP. Any volunteer
or staff member is welcome to participate and has both voice and vote at VNC meetings. The committee usually meets the second Saturday of each month. An email reminder is sent to all VIPs confirming the date, time and place of each meeting. Minutes are taken at the meetings and are sent by email to all VIPs after each meeting.

Some of the projects we’ve done or are currently doing include:
– Created a support network for volunteers
– Developed a matrix of opportunities for volunteers at the park

– Developed a Volunteer Orientation Guide for new volunteers

– Developed, and do a yearly update to, the ebinder reference manual
– Established a white board calendar for quick reference to upcoming events

– Assist in putting on the annual TPERP Conference
– Contact and schedule speakers for our VIP Program Lecture Series
– Produce volunteer continuing education events
– Keep the volunteer page of the Cabrillo website current and maintain the VIP Voice
– Provide input and support for VIP recruitment, retention, reward, and release
– Provide input on volunteer training protocols and materials
– Participate in special events, committees, and activities
– Do community outreach

There is an annual State of the VNC training/meeting/celebration held each fall. All
volunteers are invited to attend. Please join us and help create fun and innovative ways to enhance the VIP program and better serve the park. The VNC is a value-added, and fun, way to improve our volunteer program.  Please join us!

Last revised 14-Jul-17