Congrats! CNM Receives NATIONAL Hartzog Award!

Congratulations CNM VIPs!

We already knew that our volunteer program was the Pacific West Region recipient of the George and Helen Hartzog Awards for Outstanding Volunteer Service, but we have now been awarded the national Park Volunteer Program Award!

Being recognized for having the top volunteer program out of 401 national parks and monuments is an amazing accomplishment.  Be proud of all that you have done to support Cabrillo National Monument, and congratulations to our fearless leader, Tavio!

Here is the announcement taken from the National Park Service website:

Park Volunteer Program Award
Cabrillo National Monument, California
Volunteer Coordinator: Tavio del Rio

Under ranger del Rio’s leadership, this volunteer program has more than doubled in size since 2010. Last year, nearly 400 VIPs logged almost 12,000 hours. The influx of new volunteers has bolstered existing programs and allowed the park to provide new opportunities. Cabrillo volunteers are involved in almost every aspect of daily operations. Dynamic volunteer-based accomplishments include:

    • formation of the Cabrillo National Monument Conservancy–a nonprofit friends group that is adding new partnerships and raising funds to support the park;
    • the Tidepool Protection Education & Restoration program that monitors, protects, and interprets the park’s unique tidepools to 250,000 annual visitors;
    • the Dusty Socks Club, which has partnered with 12 local organizations and agencies to promote healthy lifestyles through hikes for families and youth groups;
    • the Fort Rosecrans Goes to War program, which transformed a derelict bunker into a fully operating command post. Living history volunteers bring to life the story of the 19th Coast Artillery Regiment that served at this site during World Wars I & II;
    • the Artist-In-Residence program, showcasing works of local artists through lectures, exhibits, and demonstrations.

Be sure to check out the video that was put together highlighting our program and its volunteers:

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