TPERP Updates

Hello TPERP Volunteers,


1)  The next Tidepool Committee meeting is this Saturday June 28 at 10:00 am in the lunchroom.  We will be joined by our new Chief of Interpretation and Education, Eileen Martinez.  We are very fortunate to have her at Cabrillo.

2) The tidepool committee meeting notes from May 31 as an attachment in the email I sent to you.  You are welcome to attend the next meeting.

3) Great progress has been made on the tidepool trailer.  Huge thanks to Mona F., Keith B., Melissa G., and her friend Jose.

4) The TP Committee inventory team has assisted with going through all of our items.  It’s that time of year for purchasing, so I will be replacing a lot of our broken, well loved and used items.

5) We had a well attended TPERP Table training.  Thanks to those of you who attended.  We have new volunteers shadowing at the table.

6) Guests are currently being booked for the September Tidepool Conference.  Please let me know if you have ideas/needs of what you’d most like to learn about.

Another big thanks to those of you who have been roving the tidepool coastal area.  It has been very beneficial.  We had full parking lots by 10:00 am on Thursday this week with the rare morning low tide.  I’ve never seen that happen before!  Our tide education is working! 🙂

More to come….


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