Release Your Inner Writer!

We’re seeking new articles and photographs for the Fall/Winter edition of the Cabrillo Journal. We’re looking for anything park-related for our fall / winter season: whales, tidepools, climate, NPS Centennial, new cool stuff happening at the park to promote programs, activities like Dusty Socks Club, Move to Improve Challenge, Call to Action, Weed free 2016, TPERP, etc….

Criteria to consider:

  • No more than 1,000 words per article.
  • Short articles and anecdotes are great.
  • Cartoons and or comic strips would be cool too.
  • Deadline for article submission is September 24.

Let the ideas flow and let Emily Floyd  know at your earliest convenience if you intend to submit an article so she can plan for the layout. She will be accepting articles on a first come, first served basis–the earlier the better.


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