TPERP Update

Hello TPERP Volunteers,

We are gearing up for another low tide season!  Shifts have been posted for  September and October.  You will find they are all on the same TPERP calendar and are listed for specific duties as follows:

TPERP Education table (at the table)
Low Tide Shifts (in the tidepools)
Roving (roving around during the higher tides)

Please do sign up for shifts, as I will use this to figure out the best days for our new volunteers to shadow shift.  If you are uncomfortable having someone shadow you, then please let me know.  We’ll go over new procedures at the conference.  If you have been working throughout the summer, then not much will change.  Although the trailer has a new fresh look, thanks to Mona F. and Keith B. for leading the effort.

I have one request – as we get ready to put together our inventory of materials and interpretive displays…. I am finding a lot of materials from the tidepools that are being left on my desk and we really don’t need more right now.  I have a permit to collect a select number of items.  If I’m here and you want to ask me about it, that’s fine, but at this point I need us to hold off on collecting anything new until I can figure out what we have and what we need.

If you haven’t RSVP’d for the conference, please do so.

Thanks to you all and I’m looking forward to a great season.


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