Reddy Ready to Roar

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Hello Folks,

I hope all is well and your are bundling up in San Diego wintertime. Its going to be a tough one with all the artificial snow and ice popping up around the county.  As you know, winter time brings king tides and whales so come on out and enjoy the drudgery of our winter.  I plugged out of the matrix for several weeks but now back online.  I am catching up on correspondences and apologize for the long interlude.

Thanks: Pearl Harbor Commemoration

Cheers to all of the VIPs helping out for this event.  You made it a success and we thank you for your assistance.  The visitor received a wonderful experience and it is thanks to your efforts.  Cabrillo is looking forward to growing this special event and if you have any suggestions/recommendation pass them our way. 

 December 15th 10:00am.  Titivation in the Arc of Death

If you enjoy medulla secretions due to risky behavior we have an opportunity for you.  We are scheduled to clean up our Ranger storage in lower maintenance on this day and looking for a couple extra hands to assist.  If you would like to help out please email me with “Epi” in the subject line.

Smack Talk a Cop, 1:00pm December 16th

Have you ever wanted to be ornery with a cop without any ramifications?  Well we have a volunteer assignment for you.  Officer Heller is looking for two to three folks to assist the law enforcement division in scenario training.  This will take about an hour, nothing physical: an example would be a traffic stop and you not thinking you did anything wrong and being outspoken about it.  This training will help our officers and maybe an opportunity for you to hone your negotiation skills.  If you are interested please send me an email to with “Don’t Tase me Bro” in the subject line. 

Big Bay Balloon Parade, Friday, 26 December 1:30

Once again, it is time to get our wrists ready for princess waves and rub petroleum jelly on the teeth to assist in long term smiles.  The parade is here and we need as many folks to help with the event.  Represent the NPS for this event and get a 20 minute walk;  you can be rebellious and J-walk, go through red lights and stop sings without remorse.  If you want to be a wild one for this event please sign up on volgistics.  Directions and more info to follow once you have signed up. 

Trails & Rails Conductors Training, January 13th, 14th, 15

The dates are set and we have two trainers riding the rails to get to San Diego to get us all learned.  Please spread the word as this is a unique opportunity to represent the NPS on a beautiful route up the coastline. If you can commit to this and are interested please send Tavio an email with “Don’t throw Mama” in the subject line.

Whale Watch Weekend, 17-18 January

The festivus continues through to this weekend as we celebrate the longest mammal migration that we know of.  Please join us and help in a variety of activates.  We have morning shifts and afternoon shifts and your presence is greatly appreciated. 

Hornblower Cruises

We are still working out logistics for this volunteer opportunity so please remain on the quay and well request the Captain’s permission to board soon enough.  All volunteers are welcome to be involved on the cruises as you can represent all different aspect of the park and relate it to the paying passengers. Due to its nature, this position requires a degree of regular commitment. If it sounds interesting and you would like to see the peninsula from a different perspective please email me with “I’m on a Boat!” in the subject line.

Hopping on one foot one foot one foot,


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