Olmsted Me a Garden

To the Posse,

Summer splendor includes epic thunder and lightning storms?  Felt like we should have been rocking on our front porches in Oklahoma as we watched the storm.  I played in the mud, watched termites emerge from the ground and fly away as the birds swooped down and gobbled them up.  Not a bad July at all.


Dusty Socks Club Hike, July 25th, 10:00am

Meet at 10:00AM at the start of the Bayside Trail, by the bronze light house model.

Ranger Amanda Gossard and other Ultra-athletes will be guiding us to get a taste of what makes something Ultra. What exactly is an Ultra-experience? Can you move enough to make it an Ultra-experience? Come out to CNM for our Move and Improve Day and see for yourself. You can even try to keep up, if you want, or just move and improve.

After our event you can stay around and visit the booths to learn about sustainability and healthy living for people and the planet! There are all sorts of special happenings on that day.  Check them out on our website or facebook page.

Trails and Rails Training July 30th  9:00am to 12:00pm

Well folks, if you missed the first training for the Trails & Rails program we are hosting another introductory course for you.  This training will get you set up to ride the Pacific Surfliner from San Diego to LA.  If you would like to attend please email cabr_volunteers@nps.gov with “John Henry” in the subject line.  For those of you already trained please contact me so we can begin to schedule you for the rides.

Volunteer Recruitment August 22nd

Cabrillo VIP hosts another recruitment and asking for a couple of volunteers who would like to share their story.  Come meet some potential VIP’s and inspire them to get involved and help out San Diego’s only NPS unit.  If you would like to help out please send email to cabr_volunteers@nps.gov with

The Eye

Would you like to share your park pictures with Cabrillo’s Social Media Following? Now you can! Please upload any park pictures to the following shared access file on Google Drive (Label with the first and last name of the person to whom credit is due).


Park Photos

Park PhotosDrive Sign in Park Photos Empty folder
View on drive.google.com Preview by Yahoo


We want to hear from you! 

As the eyes, ears, and muscle of this park, you are our most precious resource in keeping the Cabrillo ship running smoothly. In order to make sure we are best suiting your needs, could you please fill out the short survey linked here:


If you would rather fill out a hard copy, feel free to print the attached document (or find extra copies in Ranger Tavio’s mail box). You can either drop them back in the box when you are finished, or e-mail them to Alex, Cabrillo’s Centennial Volunteer Ambassador (a.warneke@yahoo.com).

In Humane Dignity, Magnanimity and Truth,




One thought on “Olmsted Me a Garden

  1. Hi, Tavio. I could help with VIP Recruitment on August 22. Please let me know if I can be useful to the cause.

    Thanks very much, pal.

    Love, Karen (of Kim and Karen)

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