Announcing the 2017 CNM Reference Manual

We’re excited to announce the arrival of the 2017 Cabrillo National Monument Reference Manual (E-binder).

Whether you’re a staff member, brand new VIP, or one who’s been here so long you socialized with the Israel family, this publication gives you tremendous insight into being a VIP and into CNM itself.

The Reference Manual provides an in-depth review of all things CNM.

You can now use the search function from any page with the online version to find items of interest more quickly (you can find the search box on the right side of the main menu). For offline use, you can still download a PDF file version. You can find links to the online and PDF versions on the Reference page.

The E-binder Committee, a small group of dedicated VIPs, goes through a months-long review and annual updating process to ensure that the content is accurate and relevant. They value your input and feedback, so please use the Contact Us link to send them your thoughts.

Read. Learn. Share.

One thought on “Announcing the 2017 CNM Reference Manual

  1. Hello. Great manual and VIP resource. Good work!

    I do have a speck of a begging here. Under New Point Loma Lighthouse. Those people at Friends of Lighthouse wrote that article using everything I had researched and published. I would surely love to see that piece changed to the work I did. Friends folk didn’t quite stay on historic track. I have an entire article on the lower or “New Point Loma Lighthouse” and I wonder how difficult it might be to make the change? I’d be happy to send the entire article (with photos if you desire). My piece includes more with our Point Loma keepers’ kids, namely, Pat Dudley Goulart, Joan Dudley Eayrs, and Lexie Johnson.

    Thanks and love,
    Karen Scanon

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