Volunteer Orientation Guide

CNM Volunteer Orientation Guide (VOG)

This Volunteer Orientation Guide (VOG) uses information from various park resources to help you become familiar with Cabrillo National Monument. It gives you a brief overview of the park, its staff, and its volunteer opportunities. Please refer to the resources mentioned in the VOG for more in-depth information.

The VOG was developed by VIPs Setara Nouri and Becky Wieder under the guidance of the Volunteer Navigation Committee. Park interns, staff, and several VIPs contributed information and oversight.

The VOG may be accessed online or downloaded to your computer or mobile device. You also have the option of borrowing a hard copy from the park’s volunteer coordinator.

Table of Contents

Welcome To Cabrillo

Organization Chart

General Information

Seasons of Cabrillo: Planning Your Visit

Features of Cabrillo National Monument

A Brief History

CNM Quick Reference Guide

VIP Expectations and Support

Volunteer Code of Conduct

NPS Tenets of Interpretation

NPS Interpretive Equation

NPS Making Connections

Volunteer Opportunities


Cabrillo National Monument’s Volunteer Blog: VIP Voice

Community Outreach

Cabrillo National Monument FAQs

Yearly CNM Events

Junior Ranger Program

CNM Reference Manual (e-binder)

Radio Protocol

Emergency Operations

Accompanying Documents and Book

In addition to the VOG, make sure you have the following:

  • New Volunteer Checklist: This checklist of items should be completed and turned in to the CNM volunteer coordinator.
  • Volunteer Service Agreement: This agreement must be signed and turned in to the CNM volunteer coordinator before you begin your service.
  • Understanding the Life of Point Loma published by the Cabrillo National Monument Foundation: This book is available for purchase at the CNM Visitor Center or you may borrow a copy from the volunteer coordinator.

Last revised 25-Jan-20