Gray Whale

We Need Your Peepers!

Ranger Tavio is putting together a celebration of our migrating mammal friends and could use your help.  See the message from him below for more details. You dolphinitely don’t want to miss this exiting event!  Whale…here it is:

We need your peepers! (more officially looking for aspiring Cetologist) Last two weeks in Feb.

Have you ever stared into the pacific blue for hours on end?  If so here is your chance to find out how many blues the ocean can be, as well as being extra eyes for our visitor.  We are looking for enthusiastic and knowledgeable individuals wanting to provide info regarding pacific gray whale ecology for the last two weeks of February.

We highlight these two weeks to celebrate the longest mammal migration and provide helpful insights for our visitors. Shifts are anytime of the day and open through the entire two weeks.

So come on out and get some salty kisses on your face and help our visitors spot whales. What a chance we have to view a window of this 12,000 mile epic journey from our perch and allow others to look through too. If you would like more information please email with Ketos in the subject line.

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