Photos of San Salvador Needed

The Ebinder Team Needs Your Help

The Ebinder team is putting together a new document showing how the size of the San Salvador compares to other ships, including current day vessels.  We have several photos of the San Salvador sailing in the bay as it passes other ships, but we are looking for more.

If you have any photos of the San Salvador with other ships in view (Navy ships, submarines, cargo ships, etc.), and you are willing to give permission for us to use them, you can send them to


2 thoughts on “Photos of San Salvador Needed

  1. Contact Marty, and anyone else that worked on the Juan Cabrillo Documentary that we starated filming in August 2016. I know there were (should still be) lots of photos on one of the cabrillo computers. Not sure if there are any with the san salvador next to other ships.

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