A lighthouse and pine tree in shadow at sunset. The words Did You Know are in blue at the base of the image

Did You Know…Lighthouse Talking Points

Old Point Loma Lighthouse – Dave Geyer
  1. This lighthouse is not a memorial to Robert Israel. He was one of thousands of men (and women) who served as Lighthouse Keepers. Our Long-Range Interpretive Plan emphasizes our primary theme of representing the U.S. Light House Establishment, its people and its buildings, not one man or one lighthouse. Our lighthouse is an interpretive archetype, not an individual memorial.
  2. This lighthouse honors all Keepers who brought a sense of dedication and responsibility to what was truly a 24/7 job. They had no days off, nosick leave, and no pensions. It was an isolated, repetitive, monotonous, drudgery with a constant underlying reality of true danger. They fulfilled their task with pride, constantly aware of the fact that the safety of sailors, passengers and ships depended on that beam of light always being there.

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