Lighthouse at night lit up with purple and gold with slideshow displayed on side of building.

Forward into Light Revisited

For those of you who were unable to attend the Forward into Light event celebrating the centennial of the 19th amendment, we have brought the event to you. The event was well received at the park occurring over four nights. Ranger Julieanne put together a slideshow which was shown during the event on the side of the lighthouse. We are providing that slideshow as a … Continue reading Forward into Light Revisited

This small, modern Vega LED Beacon-44 was installed on March 3, the final hurrah of the lighthouse restoration. Its signal reaches approximately 14 miles to sea and offers a flash every 15 seconds. (Photo by Karen Scanlon.)

Lighthouse restoration earns SOHO’s prestigious award

Every spring, San Diego’s Save Our Heritage Organisation (SOHO) accepts nominations for its annual People in Preservation Awards.  This year’s recipient of the coveted Preservation Project of the Year 2020 was awarded to contractor Neil Gardis of ‘Ohana Industries, Ltd., and his team of three — Nick Bliler, Ryan Strack, and Kevin Goodman of San Diego — for the restoration of Point Loma Lighthouse. Read … Continue reading Lighthouse restoration earns SOHO’s prestigious award

Lighthouse Recipes and History

My mom, Dora Wieder, was a volunteer at Cabrillo during the 1970’s. She volunteered in the lighthouse dressed in period clothing as part of the Living History program. Here is a photo from the archives at Cabrillo. My mom is the one on the right. Barbara Jones, who lived in Point Loma, also participated in the lighthouse volunteer effort. In fact she was the coordinator … Continue reading Lighthouse Recipes and History

Did You Know – A Resurrection of the Contemplation of H-L 330

Since it is Spring and the restoration of the New Point Loma Lighthouse has been completed, we thought this story, contributed by Karen Scanlon and Kim Fahlen, about the resurrection of the Fresnel lens H-L 330 was appropriate. Enjoy. In custom pine boxes—not unlike primitive coffins—rests a Fresnel lens ordered in the mid-1880s for San Diego’s new lighthouse. But this elusive lighthouse lens, given the … Continue reading Did You Know – A Resurrection of the Contemplation of H-L 330

Open Tower Day – November 15, 2019

Open Tower Day was held on November 15. Thank you to all the people who helped make this a success. The format was changed this year to use a ticketing system. Groups were led through the lighthouse, ten at a time. The weather was perfect and everyone had a good time. This new system for Open Tower Day might lead to the possibility of having … Continue reading Open Tower Day – November 15, 2019

Did You Know – What Color Is the Lighthouse?

In honor of Open Tower Day next month, we wanted to start you off with some Old Point Loma Lighthouse information. Do you know what color the lighthouse is? Are you sure? Cabrillo Historian, Ranger Bob, says: The immediate answer to the title question seems quite obvious: white. But the complete answer is: yes and no. Read more… Continue reading Did You Know – What Color Is the Lighthouse?