Equipment used for science field work on a green background. Equipment includes an NPS Ranger shirt, hat, sunglasses, boot, binoculars, radio, field guides and knife.

Cabrillo Field Notes – November 2018

Good afternoon Cabrillo Crew –

All of our rain dances finally paid off! I hope you all enjoyed the rain as much as I know our plants did. In other news, tidepool season is in full swing, but some of our terrestrial animals were the themes of the blog this month. We also kicked off our Naturally Speaking Lecture Series this month (thanks, Bonnie). Check it out in this month’s edition of Cabrillo Field Notes.

November Highlights (click through to articles):

A Peek Inside the Nature’s Nurseries Traveling Trunk

On the Wing Part 2: Birding 101

Give Wildlife a Break

Our Own Celebrity Spider 

Naturally Speaking: To Protect and Serve These Lands

Species Spotlight: Common Poorwill (Phalaenoptilus nuttallii)

Bringing the People to the Parks and the Parks to the People

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