Tidepool Tips – Case Of The Mysterious Log

Have you noticed the log which is now behind the Education Table at the tidepools? Would you like to know how this mysterious log got there? Well read on to hear from VIP Mona as she describes this story.


I was chatting with three women at the education table when I saw something odd in my peripheral vision. A log was floating through the air. As I turned and looked, I saw that a couple was walking towards the parking lot. The man was carrying the log over his shoulder. This was quite a feat considering the length and weight of the log.

I said to them, ” Excuse me. Nothing can be removed from this area.” They kept moving toward the parking lot like they didn’t hear me, so I repeated myself. The man turned, looked at me, then at the woman and then threw the log down right in the middle of the path. Then he continued to walk towards the parking lot. The woman stood there by the log, and told him to come back and get it.  He stopped and turned around.  Then the woman said to me, ” We can take this. We brought it in with us.”

Trying to keep from laughing  and not wanting to argue with the woman, I said, ” Ma’am I have no way of verifying that, so I’ll be happy to have law enforcement come down and speak with you.” The man made a hasty retreat to the parking lot. She looked at me and then at the log and then said, “Nevermind, it’s not worth it”.

I called Marty and asked him to come down and move the log out of the middle of the trail. When he saw it, he said he knew exactly where it came from and that the man had carried it almost all the way from parking lot 2.

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