Tidepool Safety Reminders

The king tides this past weekend remind us to be extra safe while volunteering around the tidepools. The high tides continue to erode the cliffs. The entrance to the tidepools continues to get narrower. Small bluff collapses make walking over the terrain more dangerous. Watch out for the blocks of sandstone that are breaking loose. Know where they are so that if you are down … Continue reading Tidepool Safety Reminders

Broken sandstone rocks against a layered cliff. Several people are in the background looking at the rock fragments.

Another Major Bluff Collapse

Another major bluff collapse occurred midday in the tidepools on Wednesday February 17. This occurred in Zone 1 where the majority of the visitors view the tidepools. Luckily no one was injured. In fact our volunteers had to try to keep people from climbing on the rocks shortly after the collapse. The pile of rocks is still unstable and poses a danger to everyone. Once … Continue reading Another Major Bluff Collapse

Tidepool Tips – Observations

Saturday TPERPs participated in a trash clean up day in the tidepools. A more detailed post will occur soon but we wanted to let you know that 166 pounds of trash was removed! During that cleanup TPERP Gayle came across the following plant like structure in the tidepools. It kind of looked like kelp but then again it didn’t. So Gayle asked her friend, a … Continue reading Tidepool Tips – Observations

Tidepool Safety Tips – Arch Collapse

We recently talked about the large crack that was noticed in the arch at the entrance to the tidepools. Well Mother Nature once again showed us who is in charge. The arch collapsed in the morning of September 9, during the high tide. We expect the remaining column of the arch to fall down soon. In addition to the arch collapse, we have also started … Continue reading Tidepool Safety Tips – Arch Collapse

Tidepool Tips – Circadian Behavior in the Starlet Sea Anemone

TPERP Rex has been investigating the biology and other interesting phenomenon of some our the critters that live in the tidepools. One of his discoveries is that some anemones have shown the ability to remain in sync with tidal opening and closing when removed from the sea and placed in a 24 hr dark aquarium. Rex says, There are also serious documentation for the same … Continue reading Tidepool Tips – Circadian Behavior in the Starlet Sea Anemone