Tidepool Tips – Oh The Things You Will See…

With apologies to Dr. Seuss…

You will see all sorts of interesting things around the tidepools as you volunteer there. Here are some of our favorites over the past few years. Faces have been blurred.

Underwater Basket Weaving (No, really)

A man received permission to sit in the tidepools and perform his underwater basket weaving. The water made the wood fibers more pliable.


It wasn’t a mermaid, but a merman. I think that is all the explanation that is needed.



Balancing Act

We are not sure what was going on here, but this man was balancing an ice chest on his head as he walked back to the parking lot.


How to Help People Exit the Tidepools at Closing

While shadowing VIP Patrick, VIP Janine observed his secret and very effective method for motivating stragglers to exit to higher ground as the tide races in and/or the 4:30 hour approaches:
Step 1 – swing a portion of skeleton (upper or lower is your choice, however, lower has proven to be very effective), while approaching the delaying individuals of interest.
Step 2 – while holding skeleton portion to the side, inform patrons the tide has been known to come in fast. VERY fast.
Step 3 – Looking at skeleton, then back at patrons. Remind patrons the tide pool area closes at 4:30 PM. And the park closes at 5 PM.
Step 4 – Walk away. Jauntily swing skeleton for maximum effect.
VIP Patrick found the skeleton model in the tidepools.


Of course there are always plenty of miscellaneous items that are picked up in the tidepools. Here is a sample of recent items.


And last but certainly not least, interesting vehicles can be seen in the area as well.


Thanks to Pauline Geisler and Janine Packett for some of these photos.

Have you seen other interesting objects in the tidepool area? Share your thoughts and photos.

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