Equipment used for science field work on a green background. Equipment includes an NPS Ranger shirt, hat, sunglasses, boot, binoculars, radio, field guides and knife.

Cabrillo Field Notes – December 2018

While the shutdown continues, here are the Cabrillo Field Notes from December, for your viewing pleasure.

Hang in there everyone.


Middens, a window into the past? No kiddin’!

California Science Education Conference

Volunteers Wanted!

Rare Sights at the Edge of Land and Sea

A Peek Inside the Cabrillo Adventure Traveling Trunk

Schoodic Institute’s Citizen Science Workshop

A Look Back at 2018

2 thoughts on “Cabrillo Field Notes – December 2018

  1. Hello, CNMers. These communications are very meaningful to all of us. Thank you for time and talent promoting our beloved park activities. Only thing is, in the “Look Back at 2018”, we missed including the *Trails and Rails *start. : )

    I’m guessing the lighthouse meeting that has been on the calendar is cancelled tomorrow, thanks to our government shutdown.

    We’ll hang in there. The CNM cause is worth it.

    Love, Karen Scanlon CNM VIP

    1. The looking back at 2018 refers to the Science Education team’s accomplishments, not the entire park.
      But you are correct, we certainly don’t want to play down the Trails and Rails program.
      Let me also add my thanks to all vips, staff and Foundation employees. I know these are tough times but hopefully we can get back to normal quickly. Know that the park is in good hands by our Law Enforcement rangers, protecting it. A big thank you to them.

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