Equipment used for science field work on a green background. Equipment includes an NPS Ranger shirt, hat, sunglasses, boot, binoculars, radio, field guides and knife.

Cabrillo Field Notes – Popular Arts with Your National Parks: Comic-Con Edition

Cabrillo National Monument is at it again – they’re bringing the parks to the people with an outreach initiative that represented at San Diego Comic-Con! But how do the National Parks fit into one of the world’s largest popular arts festival? Read on to find out!

It’s the biggest convention of its kind in North America, and the largest happening in San Diego every year. That’s right – we’re talking about San Diego Comic-Con(SDCC)! Each July, over 170,000 people attend this massive celebration of the popular arts. Inside the convention center you will find everything that has to do with games (both tabletop and video), television, movies, animation (and anime), comics, books, art, podcasts, costumes, and all creative endeavors under the sun. In recent years, San Diego Comic-Con Internationalhas broadened their perspective on what constitutes “popular arts” by highlighting non-standard media. For instance, there are now discussion panels at SDCC that explore the music behind movies, or the scientific principles behind beloved science fiction. This is where Cabrillo National Monument(CNM) and the National Park Service come in.

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