Thank You Ranger Marty!

Ranger Marty retired on July 31 from Cabrillo. It is fitting that he retired on World Ranger Day, a day to honor park rangers around the world who are on the front line to protect the world’s natural heritage.

Can you find him in the photo? We want to congratulate Marty for his years of dedication and service to Cabrillo. He was (and is) a good friend. His wit, knowledge and friendship will certainly be missed by all.

We want to wish Marty the best in his retirement. We hope he comes back often to visit. And by the way, there is always a Volunteer opening for him.


2 thoughts on “Thank You Ranger Marty!

  1. By the sea, By the sea, By the beautiful Sea,
    You will be missed by all & certainly Me!
    The Best to you!

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