Why I Love TPERP

Recently TPERP Romi had an exciting time in the tidepools.  She tells her Seahare story in her own words.

When I was just about to give up finding any interesting sea life to show to our visitors, I  found a patch of Seahare eggs.  Then a foot from that, I found 3 big fat Seahares, 2 of them hugging.   Closer look, one of them was extracting a new batch of eggs!!! 

When you look close where two seahares are, you’ll see a few strands of eggs that were extracted.

I saw the patch of eggs first, then close to that, found over wrapping 2 seahares & one of them was extracting eggs.

There were 3 seahares when I first spotted them, two black ones on right & one with spots on the left side of them.

Of course I showed them to high school kids who were nearby & so on.

I’ve seen eggs before, but never the actual delivery of eggs.  It came out like a pasta maker! 


You can find out more information about our two Sea Hares, the Black Sea Hare and the California Sea Hare, in the ebinder.

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