Tidepool Tips – Arch Safety

The arch at the entrance to the tidepools, by the large boulders, is getting weaker each day. The high tides routinely scrape the bottom of the arch.

Last week, I had the chance to look at the arch from the ocean side during low tide. As you can see a large crack is seen bisecting the arch.

Looking a little closer, you can see how deep the crack goes, making the soft rock even more unstable.

So if you needed another reason to inform visitors that they may not want to stand on the arch, now you have one. That goes for visitors standing under the arch as well. For those working the low tide shifts in the tidepools, this is area to keep an eye on. The law enforcement rangers have been notified of this crack.

There was also another bluff collapse on the brach between Zones 1 and 2.

Be careful out there.

One thought on “Tidepool Tips – Arch Safety

  1. Bound to happen eventually. Interesting to see how it changed over the years. Thanks for the pictures and the warning.

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