IAP Brooke Wilder admiring the spring bloom while removing invasive plants with the Weed Warriors.

On Board

By Brooke Wilder

Greetings VIPS,

My name is Brooke Wilder and I’m a community college student, volunteer for one year here at Cabrillo, and most recently the newest member of the Interdisciplinary Apprentice Program (IAP) at the park. If you haven’t yet become familiar with the Interdisciplinary Apprenticeship Program program through my amazing co-apprentices (Wyler Svoboda and Ryan Sullivan), allow me to introduce it! As a member of this program I’ll be at the park every Thursday and Saturday introducing visitors to the science that takes place in the park at the Science Explorer’s Club cart, greeting and assisting visitors at the Visitor’s center, removing invasive species with the Weed Warriors, operating the Lighthouse Information Station, etc., as well as bringing Cabrillo to the community at a number of community outreach events. All the while I’ll be working on putting together a capstone project. 

As a Palomar Community College student and Biology/Geology double major, I’m looking forward to the Interdisciplinary Apprenticeship as an opportunity to take information I’ve learned in my classes and apply it into creating my capstone project. Additionally, I’m excited to explore a variety of National Park Service and government careers. 

When I’m not volunteering, you can find me working in the education department at the San Diego Zoo facilitating assemblies, field trips, and camps, day tripping and hiking all across Southern California, coffee shop hopping, or studying/eating nature valley bars in the Interp office. 

I look forward to becoming more familiar with all of the parks volunteer programs and all of you VIPs over the next coming months! 


Brooke Wilder

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