Another Walk in the Park

Pauline has provided some more photos around the park that she took on Saturday. Among this glimpse into the park are another bluff collapse, what’s left of the previous arch in the tidepools, an osprey in flight, nudibranchs, some calming ocean waves and a few videos. Enjoy these photos and if there is anything special that you would like for the staff to get a photo of, leave a comment below. They will try their best even with all the rain we are supposed to get this week.

One nice thing is nature seems to taking a breath without humans around so that is good for everything.

Also, remember we do have other videos that VIPs have taken on the videos page.

Stay healthy everyone.

Osprey video

A Pair of Hopkins Rose Nudibranchs video

Calming Ocean Waves video

4 thoughts on “Another Walk in the Park

  1. Thank you Pauline for the great pictures. Can hardly wait to get back to this beautiful place after this is all over. Hello to everybody especially me Saturday compadres
    Jack and Gary.

    1. Hi Kristina, I’m missing the Saturday crew, too! I will let Jack and Gary know that you say hello. Thank you to Pauline for these beautiful photos!

  2. There are some really beautiful shots there! Especially some of those rock formations and the tide pools. I miss my bird counting with Pam and our first hand viewing!!!

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