Backyard Bioblitz

Life is all around us. If we pause a moment, slow things down, and use our senses to observe we might notice the aroma of a plant, the melody of a singing bird, or the movement of an animal as it darts for cover. We don’t have to be out in the wild to experience wildlife – we don’t have to be exploring the countryside to appreciate nature. We can experience biodiversity (the variety of life) from our own backyard or even our living room.

This April 24th join biologist and science educator Samantha Wynns for a City Nature Challenge unlike any other – from our own homes. Create an account on the free app iNaturalist, take pictures of nearby wildlife, and join a worldwide community as we celebrate the healing power of nature.

To find out more, go to:

And tune in to Facebook Live at 2:00 PM as Samantha explores her own surroundings – with nature, you never know what you might discover.

You can join the Facebook live event here.

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