A small gray bird perched on top of a branch

Bird Watching – Cabrillo Style

A small bird perched high on a branch of a bush
Song Sparrow

VIP Bob spread his wings and captured these photos at the park the other day. Now for those of you who can’t identify all the birds you see (present company included), Bob has provided the species of the photos he took. I’m hoping I got them associated with the correct photo.

A bird with a yellow head and yellow wings perched on top of a post
Hooded Oriole

Looks like these birds are trying to practice Social Distancing, but we don’t see any masks.

Large black birds sitting on a rock overlooking the ocean
Cormorants and a Juvenile Hereman’s Gull

You can learn more about birds at Cabrillo from a variety of documents in the ebinder. Here are just a few.

Birds at CNM

Field Guide

Shorebirds at Cabrillo

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