#A11y – An Introduction to Accessibility

Last week, Park Ranger Tera Lynn Gray assembled and facilitated a virtual panel to present on the most recent VIP Speaker Series titled “#A11y – An Introduction to Accessibility.” So, what is #A11y? “A11y” is a numeronym for “accessibility,” where the number 11 refers to the eleven letters in between the first and last letter of the word.
If accessibility is a topic you’d like to dive into and learn more about, this continued education event is a great place to start! If you missed the event or simply want to watch it again, the recording can be found below. Thank you, Kevin Anderson, Quincie Mattick, Lily Molina, and Jessica Cole for your perspectives and this educational talk on accessibility!

If you missed this discussion, here is your chance to learn more about accessibility and how to interact with visitors with various disabilities.

In this talk the Cabrillo Unigrid is mentioned. The Unigrid is the Park brochure. This brochure is handed out at the Entrance Station and the Visitor Center. For your own education, this brochure is available in a variety of formats. It is available in several different languages, braille, audio described and a text only version.

A brochure with Cabrillo in white letters on a black banner
The Park Unigrid for Cabrillo National Monument

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