Equipment used for science field work on a green background. Equipment includes an NPS Ranger shirt, hat, sunglasses, boot, binoculars, radio, field guides and knife.

Cabrillo Field Notes – Adaptation During a Global Pandemic

ad·ap·ta·tion (noun) – the action or process of change by which an organism or species becomes better suited to its environment. 

How do you adapt to change, to stress, and to a global pandemic? Just like everyone else, we at Cabrillo National Monument have had to adapt quickly to these unprecedented times. One of the ways we’ve done so is how we communicate science to the public. Curious to see what we’ve been up to? Read on to learn more – and to find out how you can participate!

Human history has been threaded with many moments of “before and after”- those events that change life as we knew it from that point on. Before agriculture, and after agriculture; before World War II, and after WWII; before the discovery of antibiotics, and after antibiotics. And now, before COVID-19 and after COVID-19. As schools were shut down and the park was closed, and many staff and volunteers transitioned to working from home, Cabrillo’s science education team had to adapt quickly to the “new normal”. But not all change is bad – rather, the team has looked at it as an opportunity to learn new skills, new technology, and to reach new audiences. 

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