Large green bush with red berries

Happy Holidays

As we bring this strange year to a close, we wanted to focus on the positive things from 2020, and with that we bring you some photos and memories from Cabrillo to help brighten your day.

Large green bush with red berries
NPS Photo/R. Adachi

VIP Romi sent in this photo above of the Cabrillo Christmas tree, the Toyon. She learned about this from VIP Jose.

VIP Judy sent in this photo of a small bluff collapse in the tidepools showing that erosion is still occurring despite everything else this year. But yet, we wouldn’t give up a chance to spend time in our fantastic rocky intertidal.

Broken pieces of sandstone cliff on ground
NPS Photo/J. Hunt

Judy also sent in this photo of the Kelp covering the entrance to the tidepools after a recent high tide.

Seaweed covering beack adjacent to sandstone cliffs
NPS Photo/J. Hunt

VIP Romi recently sent in this photo while roving to remind us of all of what 2020 has done to the way people interact with each other, not that we needed any reminding, but it is nice to see the visitors are wearing face masks.

Family wearing face masks walking along dirt trail
NPS Photo/R. Adachi

VIP Jackie captured these photos during a recent low tide in the tidepools. As you can see the TPERP volunteers are all wearing masks in this time of Covid, including our new TPERPs going out on their shadow session.

Volunteers in baseball caps and jackets stand on sandstone cliffs.
NPS Photo/J. Tam
People stand on sandstone cliffs overlooking the ocean. Volunteers are wearing long sleeve blue shirts.
NPS Photo/J. Tam

And let’s not forget how Gracie interacted with the Weed Warriors and the TPERPs this year, and how the fox was much more visible while the park was closed to the public.

Brown and gray bird stands on rock
NPS Photo/J. Tam
A gray fox stands on sandstone cliff
NPS Photo/P. Geisler

VIP Judy gave us a remembrance of the 19th Amendment celebration earlier this year. Here you can see Ranger Julieanne talking with visitors.

Lighthouse at sunst. The lighthouse is lit up with purple and yellow lights.
NPS Photo/J. Hunt

Finally, Pauline has been capturing some incredible sunset photos. They are too good not to share with everyone.

Stay healthy and safe everyone. Let’s hope 2021 lets us get back to a more normal life and volunteering more at Cabrillo.

3 thoughts on “Happy Holidays

  1. What a fine holiday wish! Thank you! All happiness and good health to you.VIP Kim Fahlen

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  2. As Wm Comgreve wrote over 300 years ago, “Music hath charms to soothe the savage breast.” As these photos illustrate, Nature hath no less charms to do the same.

  3. Thanks for sharing & reminding us what delightful & ever changing experiences we have at our own National Park right in our city with the public , our fellow volunteers, the staff & all the critters, birds etc that share our space.

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