A red crab with two large claws in the front

What’s in the Tidepools? – May 2022

An oval shaped snail with an orange body climbs on rocks.

What’s In the Tidepools? – May 2022

(NPS Photo/T. Woods)

This is a shortened version for this month as we have reached the end of our good tidepool viewing. We will resume these monthly summaries in the Fall when our tidepool season gets going again. In the meantime, keep enjoying the coastal area during the summer, especially the extended sunset hours. Remember to send in your photos, we truly appreciate sharing them with everyone.

You can find videos on the Tidepool Videos page.

Here are some highlights from this month!

TPERP Michelle discovered a young California Sea Hare in Zone 1. A big plus was a guest who pulled out her water colors to do a quick portrait of the animal.

Here is a short video of the California Sea Hare that Michelle observed.

TPERP Cathy noticed these swarms of shrimp like critters in the tidepools. Ranger Lauren identified them as tiny crustaceans called mysids. They are pretty common in the tidepools and often are in swarms.

Pauline watched this Osprey after it caught a huge fish. The fish was so huge that the Osprey had trouble trying to fly away. It finally had to drop the fish in order to fly.

TPERP Michelle also captured these diving pelicans.

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