A sunset along a rocky shoreline.

What’s In the Tidepools – February 2021

Our volunteers at Cabrillo National Monument take photos of the exciting flora and fauna down in the tidepools. We want to try and capture the wonderful photos that volunteers are taking in the tidepool area. So we are starting this blog post which will get published on a monthly basis, but we need your help. We want you to contribute by submitting your memorable photos … Continue reading What’s In the Tidepools – February 2021

Tidepool Treasure Hunt!

Live Virtual Program – Tidepool Treasure Hunt!Friday, November 20, 10 AM PST Low tide at Cabrillo National Monument reveals a hidden world of fascinating creatures—meet some of them during this live virtual field trip with Cabrillo National Monument and the San Diego Natural History Museum (SDNHM)! Join SDNHM Community Engagement Manager, Lauren Marino Perez and Cabrillo National Monument Biologist and Science Educator, Sam Wynns for an … Continue reading Tidepool Treasure Hunt!

‘Alien’ Jaws Help Moray Eels Feed

VIP Mary provided us with this eeeeeellllllly information. Moray eels have a unique way of feeding reminiscent of a science fiction thriller, researchers at UC Davis have discovered. After seizing prey in its jaws, a second set of jaws located in the moray’s throat reaches forward into the mouth, grabs the food and carries it back to the esophagus for swallowing. Read more… Here is … Continue reading ‘Alien’ Jaws Help Moray Eels Feed