Current Volunteer Needs

Below are current volunteer needs for community outreach opportunities, new programs, projects, or special events.  Be sure to check back regularly as our needs change frequently.

Community Outreach

Outreach Committee

We’re forming a small Outreach Committee. Light duties include attend community outreach and education events, fairs and festivals. Be present at Special Events meetings held at the park, quarterly. Expand our fan base and research new and exciting possible venues for Outreach, keeping in mind the Centennial and reaching out to the millennials. If you are interested in assisting with Community Outreach, contact Ranger Debbie at

Special Events

No current needs.

New Programs

Trails & Rails

We are working on the training dates for this program with Amtrak.  Stay tuned for dates. We need a longer term commitment from you and participation in a variety of training is required.  If you can commit to this and are interested please send Tavio an email with “Don’t throw Mama” in the subject line.

Hornblower Cruises

We have another interesting volunteer opportunity to offer Cabrillo VIPs. If you are a land lubber this is not your calling, but if you want your soul to be saltier this might be right up the channel for you. Cabrillo recently signed an official partnership with Hornblower Cruises and they seek Cabrillo representation on their boats. All volunteers are welcome to be involved on the cruises as you can represent all different aspect of the park and relate it to the paying passengers. Due to its nature, this position requires a degree of regular commitment. If it sounds interesting and you would like to see the peninsula from a different perspective please email me with “I’m on a Boat!” in the subject line.


NEW! Old Point Loma Lighthouse Gardeners

The OPLLH Kitchen Garden is in need of VIP’s. It is super dried out and we could use a few people to tend the garden rake the soil neat and on occasion a light watering, preferably in the early mornings; weekdays. You can read the job description here: Garden VIP flyer.  If you are interested in assisting, send an email to  (Posted 7/14/15)

Work Crew Leaders

If you are interested in leading and assisting large volunteer work crews, we are looking for some folks to help out.  Recently more work crews are interested in volunteering at Cabrillo and we want to foster this support.  This would require some park service training on identified projects to get you skilled, thus we are looking for a stronger commitment.  Then with your new skills you can lead a work crew out in the Park.  We hope to host a work crew a month at Cabrillo down the road so looking for a cadre of folks to pool from.  If you are interested and would like more information email Tavio with “McLeod” in the subject line.

Our Little Sweatshop

We are in the process of establishing a sewing room in the bottom of the lighthouse based on the Waltham-Lowell System.  We have two sewing machines and a serger to produce living history attire and make other oddball things.  If you would like to help out in any capacity please email with “Gingher” in the subject line.

Other Needs

Lighthouse Information Station

With the retrofit behind us, this contact station in the lean-to is back on-line. Email Emily Floyd with “LIS less” in the subject line, if you need to be refreshed on procedures or would like this to be a new addition to your Cabrillo volunteer repertoire let me know and I can add it to your Volgistics profile.

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