Learning Assumptions

Learning Assumptions from “Interpreting for Park Visitors”

  1. People learn better when they are actively involved in the learning process.
  2. People learn better when they are using as many senses as appropriate.
  3. People generally retain about:
    1. 10% of what they hear.
    2. 30% of what they read.
    3. 50% of what they see.
    4. 90% of what they do.
  4. Each person has unique and valid ways of processing information.
  5. New learning is built upon a foundation of earlier knowledge.
  6. People prefer to learn that which is of most value to them at the present moment.
  7. Learning requires activity on the part of the learner.
  8. That which people discover for themselves generates a special and vital excitement and satisfaction.
  9. An organized presentation is more memorable than an unorganized one.
  10. Giving visitors expectations at the beginning of a program will focus attention and thus improve learning.
  11. Using a variety of approaches will enhance learning.
  12. The ways in which interpreters respond to people will affect their learning.

Helpful Hint:  Learn to tell one good story about each resource.

Last revised 14-Jul-13

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