Military Monday – Marriage Licenses

VIP Joe shares a story from his research. For this week’s Military Monday, I thought I would take a moment to share some research I have been working on with the help of the National Archive. When we think about the history of the park it is easy to look at the physical reminders and think these are the only stories to tell. The lighthouses, … Continue reading Military Monday – Marriage Licenses

Tidepool or Tide-pool – Final Answer

VIP Beth found this in her archives as she was doing some COVID19 house cleaning. You may have been losing sleep wondering what the correct wording is for tidepools. Or is it tide-pools? Well we can say we have the final answer after marine biologist, Bonnie Becker did the equivalent of phoning a friend. She consulted the hosts of “A Way With Words”. So we … Continue reading Tidepool or Tide-pool – Final Answer