IAPs Brooke Wilder and Wyler Svoboda with CVA Setareh Nouriboshehri at the San Diego Festival of Science and Engineering.

San Diego Festival of Science and Engineering

By Wyler Svoboda and Brooke Wilder “Last Saturday, March 7, was the annual Expo Day for the San Diego Festival of Science and Engineering at PetCo Park. It is a fun all-day event free to all ages, where many science-based organizations come together to show off interactive scientific experiments and hands-on activities. Cabrillo National Monument made its annual appearance there with a booth showcasing the … Continue reading San Diego Festival of Science and Engineering

IAP Brooke Wilder admiring the spring bloom while removing invasive plants with the Weed Warriors.

On Board

By Brooke Wilder Greetings VIPS, My name is Brooke Wilder and I’m a community college student, volunteer for one year here at Cabrillo, and most recently the newest member of the Interdisciplinary Apprentice Program (IAP) at the park. If you haven’t yet become familiar with the Interdisciplinary Apprenticeship Program program through my amazing co-apprentices (Wyler Svoboda and Ryan Sullivan), allow me to introduce it! As … Continue reading On Board

Major Collapse in the Tidepools

Last Friday at approximately 1:30pm, a large collapse occurred in Zone 1 at the tidepools. This collapse was different from most collapses because this one happened during the day. There wasn’t any rain or a high tide, and there wasn’t any warning. Luckily, no visitors or TPERPs were injured, although some people were within very close proximity. This is proof, although we didn’t need it, … Continue reading Major Collapse in the Tidepools

CNMF – Moonwalk – April 7, 2020

CNMF Members and VIPS! You are invited to enjoy Cabrillo National Monument after hours for a “Pink” Moonwalk on Tuesday April 7 from 6 – 8:30 p.m. An NPS Ranger will lead a walk/talk and The Astronomy Club will be in attendance with their spectacular telescopes so you can view the Pink Moon. Full moon is at 7:35 p.m. PST RSVP for yourself and your guests. Continue reading CNMF – Moonwalk – April 7, 2020