Lighthouse at night lit up with purple and gold.

Women’s Equality Day

As a follow up to yesterday’s post, VIP Sandy reminded us that today is the 102nd anniversary of the 19th Amendment. So let’s celebrate women everywhere. Two years ago, for the 100th anniversary, Cabrillo had a multi-day celebration lighting up the lighthouse in purple and gold. It was a wonderful event. You can revisit that celebration from a previous VIPVoice post. It’s hard to believe … Continue reading Women’s Equality Day

Two people looking inside a white butterfly net

Naturally Speaking Series – Exploration and Discovery with Community Science

This a hybrid event – in-person in the auditorium (masks are required) as well as a free event on Zoom. Science can only be done by scientists, right? Wrong! Science is for everyone and, in fact, trained scientists need your help to explore the unknown and answer the world’s biggest mysteries.  Join vegetation technician and community science advocate Patricia Simpson as she introduces you to … Continue reading Naturally Speaking Series – Exploration and Discovery with Community Science

Have You Seen the Gray Foxes?

If you remember during the pandemic when the Park was closed, staff saw Gray foxes several times roaming through the empty park. Ranger Julia captured this short video of a Gray fox by the Visitor Center a few weeks ago during closing. Here is some more information about the Gray Fox available from Zion National Park. Gray Fox Facts 1. Gray foxes are actually quite common … Continue reading Have You Seen the Gray Foxes?

The VNC Needs Your Help

Your help is needed!  We have had a few people respond saying they want to help but we need more people to help. Please consider sharing your knowledge to help the entire volunteer program. Volunteers-In-Parks (VIPs) are a significant part of park operations. You do what needs to be done, whether in the tidepools, the Visitor Center, the Lighthouse Kitchen Garden, the Entrance Station, as a … Continue reading The VNC Needs Your Help