Cabrillo Stay at Home Quiz #3

Today’s quiz was created by VIP Jack. It is a flower and plant field trip. As Jack says: Here are a selection of flowers I have photographed while roving the monument. The challenge is to identify the flower, and the location within the monument where the picture was taken. Some of the pictures go back a couple of years, so the backgrounds may have changed. See which ones you … Continue reading Cabrillo Stay at Home Quiz #3

Cabrillo Word Search

More Cabrillo fun while you wait for the park to reopen. We hope you enjoy it. Extra Credit: There is a “secret” word in the puzzle that is not in the list below, but is related to something “secret” in the Park. See if you can find it. AGAVE AKQ BALLASTVIEW BAYSIDETRAIL BUNKER CABRILLO CACTUS CHAPARRAL CNMF COASTALSAGE DISCOVERY FLOWERS FRESNEL GEOLOGY GNATCATCHER HERPS HIKING … Continue reading Cabrillo Word Search

Just A Walk In The Park – Literally

On the VIP Conference call today, Pauline, and several other staff, mentioned how wonderful the park looked with flowers blooming, birds chirping, etc. The only things missing were all the people; staff; VIPs, and the public. Pauline took lots of photos on Wednesday. We thought since you can’t go to the park, we would bring the park to you. Below are the photos that she … Continue reading Just A Walk In The Park – Literally