Cabrillo Word Search

More Cabrillo fun while you wait for the park to reopen. We hope you enjoy it. Extra Credit: There is a “secret” word in the puzzle that is not in the list below, but is related to something “secret” in the Park. See if you can find it. AGAVE AKQ BALLASTVIEW BAYSIDETRAIL BUNKER CABRILLO CACTUS CHAPARRAL CNMF COASTALSAGE DISCOVERY FLOWERS FRESNEL GEOLOGY GNATCATCHER HERPS HIKING … Continue reading Cabrillo Word Search

Just A Walk In The Park – Literally

On the VIP Conference call today, Pauline, and several other staff, mentioned how wonderful the park looked with flowers blooming, birds chirping, etc. The only things missing were all the people; staff; VIPs, and the public. Pauline took lots of photos on Wednesday. We thought since you can’t go to the park, we would bring the park to you. Below are the photos that she … Continue reading Just A Walk In The Park – Literally

Meet Our Interdisciplinary Apprentices!

Setareh Nouriboshehri Cabrillo National Monument and the National Park Service are responsible for the protection and preservation of their natural and cultural resources for the enjoyment, education, and inspiration of future generations. Sounds familiar, we know.  Here at this park, we care deeply about the future generation. We already offer wide range of robust education programs to teach about our park and its many resources … Continue reading Meet Our Interdisciplinary Apprentices!

A lighthouse and pine tree in shadow at sunset. The words Did You Know are in blue at the base of the image

Did You Know…The Story of Cabrillo’s Statue

If the original dream for Cabrillo National Monument (CNM) had come true, the Old Point Loma Lighthouse would no longer exist, and a 150-foot statue of Juan Rodriquez Cabrillo would stand in its place. The dream began with an organization called the Order of Panama. Dedicated to commemorating California’s Spanish heritage, the group wanted to memorialize Cabrillo as the discoverer of California and erect a … Continue reading Did You Know…The Story of Cabrillo’s Statue

Video Killed the Radio Star

Cronies of non-cronyism, All is well at Cabrillo.  It’s summer and we are getting an increased flow of visitation.  Thanks to all ya all who are out in the field and providing much-needed and appreciated visitor contacts.  We are moving ahead.  NPS Cabrillo had a good collaboration meeting with CNMC, CNMF, and VIP representatives last Sunday.  During that meeting, the surprising July rains came and … Continue reading Video Killed the Radio Star