Free Canyoneer Training at the NAT

Dear Cabrillo Volunteers, The San Diego Natural History Museum Canyoneer program offers to the public free nature walks throughout San Diego County.  In a partnership with CNM, theNAT is offering an opportunity for you to participate in its upcoming Canyoneer training free of charge.  You are invited to attend any of the individual Canyoneer classes or complete the entire program and become a NAT Canyoneer. Below is … Continue reading Free Canyoneer Training at the NAT

Prayers of Twenty Millions

Good People, All is well from our perch. We are happy to be back in the Visitor Center and out from living the movie cycle loop.  Ask the Foundation or VC staff to recite from memory any of the movies’ narratives or play the tasty licks from the score.  It’s all ingrained into our memory  Once again, many thanks to our volunteer work crew who … Continue reading Prayers of Twenty Millions