A plant in a clay pot sits on a table outside.

Have You Seen Me Along the Coastal Trail?

A few months ago non-native plant bulbs were spread along the Coastal Trail by visitors. While hopefully all of them were collected, there may have been a few that escaped detection. Staff have been growing a few of the bulbs in the greenhouse to see what they are. These photos show one of these bulbs after it has sprouted. You can help out the staff … Continue reading Have You Seen Me Along the Coastal Trail?

A tattoo on an arm showing a woman and a house inside an oval.

Snow White and the Lighthouse

TPERP Katrina shares this unique experience from one of her recent roving shifts on the Coastal Trail. As a VIP, I always keep in mind that every visitor has a story…and sometimes those stories are revealed to us. During my TPERP shift I crossed paths with a wonderful family down at the Coastal Trail/Tidepool area: a father, mother, and their four children. The father told … Continue reading Snow White and the Lighthouse