A tattoo on an arm showing a woman and a house inside an oval.

Snow White and the Lighthouse

TPERP Katrina shares this unique experience from one of her recent roving shifts on the Coastal Trail.

A tattoo on an arm showing a woman and a house inside an oval.
Snow White with the Old Point Loma Lighthouse in the background. NPS Photo/K. Gerace

As a VIP, I always keep in mind that every visitor has a story…and sometimes those stories are revealed to us. During my TPERP shift I crossed paths with a wonderful family down at the Coastal Trail/Tidepool area: a father, mother, and their four children. The father told me that Cabrillo National Monument is a very special place to them and that when he was a boy he would often come here with his grandmother who loved the lighthouse very much. In her honor he actually got a tattoo of the lighthouse (which included Snow White whom his grandmother adored). Here’s the whimsical tattoo he shared with me and I wanted to pass this along!

One thought on “Snow White and the Lighthouse

  1. This (tattoo) is the coolest thing a visitor brought into the Park! And, our volunteer Katrina to engage a conversation with a visitor to reveal this?!! Unbelievably engaged conversation, ever!!!!!

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