Lighthouse Recipes and History

My mom, Dora Wieder, was a volunteer at Cabrillo during the 1970’s. She volunteered in the lighthouse dressed in period clothing as part of the Living History program. Here is a photo from the archives at Cabrillo. My mom is the one on the right. Barbara Jones, who lived in Point Loma, also participated in the lighthouse volunteer effort. In fact she was the coordinator … Continue reading Lighthouse Recipes and History

A Walk In The Park – April 22, 2020

Here is the latest installment of Pauline’s walk in the park. She has once again tried to capture many aspects of the park for you, including the Lighthouse garden and oystercatchers. Enjoy the gallery and the videos, but first here is another update from Corona Island. VIP Debra It has been pretty lonely being stuck at home.   I haven’t been too motivated to do much.  … Continue reading A Walk In The Park – April 22, 2020

Corona Island Experiences – Part 1

Here is the first installment of VIPs on Corona Island. Don’t forget to send in news from your Corona Island. If VIP Nicholas can do it all the way in Guam, certainly all of you can contribute as well. You can send them to Stay safe and healthy everyone. VIP Karen How thoughtful of you good rangers to keep in touch with us, your … Continue reading Corona Island Experiences – Part 1