Lighthouse Recipes and History

My mom, Dora Wieder, was a volunteer at Cabrillo during the 1970’s. She volunteered in the lighthouse dressed in period clothing as part of the Living History program. Here is a photo from the archives at Cabrillo. My mom is the one on the right.

Barbara Jones, who lived in Point Loma, also participated in the lighthouse volunteer effort. In fact she was the coordinator for the volunteer program at Cabrillo, and was responsible for starting the Living History program at the park. As you will read below, the people who volunteered in the lighthouse were all members of the Point Loma Garden Club, including Barbara Jones, Martha Kievit, and Dora Wieder. They also started the Kitchen Garden due to their interest in gardening.

As part of volunteering in the lighthouse, the volunteers baked soda bread and other items, handing out samples to the visitors. The recipes that were used are included here for your enjoyment.

Below are two newspaper articles from the 1970’s describing how the Living History program was started at Cabrillo. The first one is from the Sentinel dated July 3, 1974. Another fact from this first article is that it was written by Alison DaRosa, a former Board of Trustee for the Cabrillo National Monument Foundation.

The second article is also from the Sentinel dated December 21, 1977.

Another Installment of Our Corona Island Experiences

VIP Mary C.

It hasn’t been too bad at home, stepped up my daily walks around the neighborhood, trying new recipes, reading,catching up on DVR shows.  It does seem to be a bit isolated, so I talk to some people in the neighborhood asI walk around, met some new neighbors, etc.  Getting ready to put my summer garden in and a new lime tree, my roses are beginningto bloom, and of course I have lots of birds at the feeders including the hooded orioles.  My old cat Cassiloves to sit in the sun (she is 20.5 years old).  Hope to get back out to the park and the VC soon!

7 thoughts on “Lighthouse Recipes and History

  1. Hi, Dan, I hope you and Becky are doing well. We’re fine, planning on a bike ride to Shelter Island this am. We do miss CNM. FYI, My mother, Barbara Jones, and Martha Kievit, whom I knew relatively well, are misidentified. Barbara Jones is in the photo wearing a pendent, which I recently gave to my sister to use for her period custom at Old Town, where she is a volunteer. I used to do this, also, probably in 1973 and/or1974, passing out pickles and bread, and just hanging out, and sometimes seeing whales from the lighthouse. Then, I changed to working some in the tide pools. The garden club also decorated the lighthouse for the winter holidays;I remember a cut tree soaking up a solution for at least a week, to make it more flame resistant before using it at the park, and making lots & lots of pomander balls(oranges studded with cloves), etc. I thought it was Becky’s mother who volunteered CNM. Small world. Nice article. I hope to see you and Becky soon. Sincerely, Eve >

    1. I have corrected the photos. Thank you for the comments.
      What a small world! I had no idea that Barbara Jones was your mother. I guess we will have more to talk about once we get back together.

  2. Dan, this is fabulous reading this morning. We didn’t know about your mother’s history of volunteering at the lighthouse. Photos and articles are most interesting and savory. Thank you for this! I’m so excited to see these articles. WOW, DAN! THANK YOU!

    Love, Karen Scanlon

  3. Thanks Dan.
    What fun to read about your mother and “small world” about the Eve Jones-Burton connection with her mother too. Judy

  4. Dan, you’ve kept this secret for too long! Must say, I feel quite the affinity now with your mother and her friends. I was of the next generation to be in the parlor and kitchen, dressed in period clothing, talking with visitors. Already so many years ago!

    And you, offering pickles and bread, of all things! Are there pictures of YOU in this role? Were the items homemade?

    1. Kim,
      I did not hand out the bread and pickles, but I certainly ate them. My mom did all the handing out. Although from Eve’s comment, it sounds like she helped in handing things out.
      And yes, my mom and others, baked the bread at home and brought it to the lighthouse to give out.

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