Tidepool Safety Reminders

The king tides this past weekend remind us to be extra safe while volunteering around the tidepools. The high tides continue to erode the cliffs. The entrance to the tidepools continues to get narrower. Small bluff collapses make walking over the terrain more dangerous. Watch out for the blocks of sandstone that are breaking loose. Know where they are so that if you are down … Continue reading Tidepool Safety Reminders

Black header with NPS Shield on right side. Below that reads COVID-19 Safety Alert. Under that has safety guidance for COIVD-19.

COVID-19 Safety Signs Now Posted at Park

New signs are up throughout the park in the following locations: Visitor Center patios, breezeway, statue, sidewalk to upper monument, Old Point Loma Lighthouse, Kelp Forest Overlook, and tidepools at both ends of the Coastal Trail. I’ve attached the sign here so you can all be familiar with what it says about requiring masks. If visitors ask you about it, here is a talking point … Continue reading COVID-19 Safety Signs Now Posted at Park

Tidepool Tips – Watch for Falling Rocks

Most TPERPs, if not everyone, is aware of the hanging rock at the entrance to the tidepools. If you are not, take a look the next time you are down there. Unfortunately, lots of visitors take this route passing underneath this rock to get down to the water. Most visitors doesn’t even look up to notice the rock. No one knows when that rock will … Continue reading Tidepool Tips – Watch for Falling Rocks