Major Collapse in the Tidepools

Last Friday at approximately 1:30pm, a large collapse occurred in Zone 1 at the tidepools. This collapse was different from most collapses because this one happened during the day. There wasn’t any rain or a high tide, and there wasn’t any warning. Luckily, no visitors or TPERPs were injured, although some people were within very close proximity. This is proof, although we didn’t need it, … Continue reading Major Collapse in the Tidepools

Lobster Rescue

Last Friday, a lobster rescue occurred in the tidepools. Visitors reported that a lobster trap with lobsters in it was seen north of Zone 1 in the tidepools. TPERP Coordinator Pauline and Ranger Donny went to inspect the reported lobster cage. They confirmed the report. Lobster traps occasionally wash up into the tidepools after breaking loose from outside the tidepools. They are usually weighted down … Continue reading Lobster Rescue

Happy Birthday TPERP!

The TPERP Program just celebrated its 23rd year at Cabrillo National Monument on November 9th. Do you know why the TPERP Program was implemented? The program was started for several reasons but basically the public was loving the tidepools to death. This is what Cabrillo Road to the tidepools looked like in the early 1970’s. Those cars are not waiting to get a parking spot, … Continue reading Happy Birthday TPERP!

Out With The Old, In With The New

New waysides are continuing to be installed around Cabrillo. The latest waysides have been installed down at the Tidepools. Three out of four have been completed, including one wayside showing views of high and low tide. VIPs Joel, Bob and Dan have been assisting Ranger George in installing the new waysides. When we had a lot of concrete work to do, we brought Rangers Rudy … Continue reading Out With The Old, In With The New