VIP Voice & E-binder Linked in Volgistics

The next time you log into Volgistics to schedule a volunteer shift or report your hours, you’ll see a new link to the VIP Voice blog.  Just click on the box to make it even easier for you to stay in touch with all that’s happening with Cabrillo volunteers. Check it out, and be sure to subscribe to get e-mail notifications of new posts. Also, … Continue reading VIP Voice & E-binder Linked in Volgistics

TPERP Help Needed – March

Hello TPERP VIP’s, We could use help in the tidepools this coming week – starting tomorrow, Sunday 3/9,  and continuing throughout the week for this next low tide cycle.  We’ll have quite a bit of exposure for the tides that are .6 or lower.  We have openings throughout the week and also next weekend. If any of you have some time, or perhaps just haven’t … Continue reading TPERP Help Needed – March

TPERP – Spring Shifts Available

The March/April/May calendars are now full of available shifts for both low tides and the education table. (All on the same TPERP calendar now).  Please log into Volgistics and sign up!! Thanks to all of you who attended the tidepool committee meeting today.  We divided into subcommittees to work on displays for the summer education table, including “no take” education, birds, wildlife, plants and geology … Continue reading TPERP – Spring Shifts Available

TPERP Updates and Slight Changes

Hello TPERP Volunteers, Here are a few updates/reminders here for you: 1)  Tidepool Committee – there will be a committee meeting tomorrow Saturday at 10am and we’ll be forming subcommittees to lead some interpretive projects for the trailer/tidepool area.  All are welcome to attend.  We will likely send out follow up emails to seek those who might be interested with some specific projects. 2) Volgistics … Continue reading TPERP Updates and Slight Changes