TPERP Updates and Slight Changes

Hello TPERP Volunteers,

Here are a few updates/reminders here for you:

1)  Tidepool Committee – there will be a committee meeting tomorrow Saturday at 10am and we’ll be forming subcommittees to lead some interpretive projects for the trailer/tidepool area.  All are welcome to attend.  We will likely send out follow up emails to seek those who might be interested with some specific projects.

2) Volgistics Change – I’ve decided to place all the TPERP related sign ups on the same calendar.  You now need to go to just one place – TPERP for low tide shift, or table signups.  I am not done populating this yet and I’ll send out another email.

3) Stay Tuned – I’ll be sending out an email very soon.  I am adding several new shifts to the March/April calendars.  We do have more low tides than what is currently reflected on the help wanted portion of Volgistics.

See you in the tidepools.


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