TPERP – Spring Shifts Available

The March/April/May calendars are now full of available shifts for both low tides and the education table. (All on the same TPERP calendar now).  Please log into Volgistics and sign up!!

Thanks to all of you who attended the tidepool committee meeting today.  We divided into subcommittees to work on displays for the summer education table, including “no take” education, birds, wildlife, plants and geology and tides.  We’ll work on additional tidepool displays throughout the summer – ahead of the Fall season.  If you have an interest in helping to develop materials for any of these topics – please let me know.

We’ll be conducting a TPERP Education Table training in May, but if you are already a TPERP, then feel free to sign up any time.  I’ll let you know the date of that training soon.

It’s well in advance – but please mark September 20 & 27 down on your calendar for the 2014 TPERP Conference.



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